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How to recover or reactivate you Instagram account?

The repeated question we come across in Google and other search engines is “How to deactivate my Instagram account? However, have you ever thought of a situation when one day you wake to find that your complete Instagram account was gone without a trace and any attempt to pump life yields zero results? Keep those nightmares away as we give you the best possible tips and solutions down below.

What are the possibilities and tips to recover your Instagram account?

There are four top reasons why possibly you cannot able to sign in your Instagram account.

1. Hacking

Whether you like it or not, stalkers are around every corner in the online space. It is recommended to keep your best possible defence against hackers who might be able to hack your personal account through deceitful or dishonest means. That is why experts always ask you to keep your password protected and strongly suggest changing it often.

Tip- This can be avoided by keeping the password encrypted. Using the strong password reduces the chances of your account get hacked.

2. Deactivation

Most common reason why your Instagram account is not working is possibly due to deactivation. Deactivation is state where you are responsible for making your account temporarily shut down.  This is technically called hibernation state and your friends in the account will not be able to post, view and edit their account privacy.

Tip- Choose temporary deactivation by clicking temporary deactivation mode, it will thereby help you to log in to your account by putting same account ID and password without any hassle.

3. Synchronization

Instagram account is synced to Facebook application so any kind of changes made in the Facebook setting like disabling the Facebook account can cause logging trouble in Instagram account.

Tip– It is strongly suggested to create separate login details for both Facebook and Instagram.

4. You forgot your password

This is easily the most common cause for all users in their social media experience, forgetting your username and password is not a big deal.

Tip- If you want to avoid being in this situation, then sync your Instagram account with your Gmail account.  It will help to send you direct link for your Instagram password.


There are situations when you could have deleted you Instagram account and want to recover. In this situation, you should know the Instagram policy. You can however get back you old account but sadly, not the username you had before. Make sure you follow the essential tips on how to recover an Instagram account.